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What are the Benefits

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The great news is most insurance plans pay for Chiropractic care.  All insurance plans are different and therefore the amount that it will cost your will vary based on any deductible, co-payment, or co-insurance. 
Co-Payments are DUE at the time of service.

Once we get your information, Point Family Chiropractic will verify all insurance benefits and will inform you of those benefits to avoid any financial surprises.  If you would like to know your benefits prior to coming in you can call your insurance company or click the link below and fill out the Insurance Verfication Request.  Point Family Chiropractic will look up your benefits and get back to you as soon as possible. 

For those without insurance or for those who do not want to go through their insurance, Point Family Chiropractic offers a same day cash price of $40 for an adjustment.  

Massage therapy involves body movement and touch therapy techniques used for healing. It is good for relaxation, stress relief, pain relief, pain management and increasing flexibility. Popular types of massage include shiatsu, Swedish, sports therapy, deep tissue, hot stone, craniosacral, Thai, reiki, prenatal and reflexology. Many factors affect the cost of massage therapy.
A massage typically lasts for 60 minutes or 90 minutes but we offer other times as well to suit your needs.
Adult Massage
30 minute massage:  $35
45 minute massage:  $45
60 minute massage:  $60
75 minute massage:  $75
90 minute massage:  $85
Hot stone treatment: $10
Pediatric Massage
Under 4, 20 minute massage:    $15
Under 12, 30 minute massage:  $25
Under 12, 45 minute massage:  $35
Purchasing multiple massage sessions at one time reduces the overall cost per massage.

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